Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minecraft Documentary in the Works

2 Player Productions has created a 20 minute proof-of-concept video for a feature-length documentary on Minecraft and its creator, Markus Persson. It's a remarkable story--one man creates a genuine PC gaming phenomena--so it should make for a good show.

The filmmakers are trying to raise funds to finish Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, and they've created a Kickstarter page to get the ball rolling.

Here's how they describe it:

For the first time, viewers will be given an in-depth look at both the triumphs and the challenges faced by a studio during their first year in existence. We will analyze the unprecedented success of Minecraft, gain insight into its impact from journalists and industry professionals, and meet the fans whose lives have been changed by the game.

The video embed was cluttering up my site with a lot of autorunning ads, so just click on the widget or link to see the full excerpt.


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