Friday, March 11, 2011

Games Magazine: May Cover Maze

Robert Abbott, master of the logic maze, created the cover puzzle for the upcoming May 2011 issue of Games. In the original maze, there are four types of animal that can come in four different colors. You have to travel from the blue fox at the bottom to the blue chipmunk at the top by moving between pairs of animals. You can move any distance horizontally or vertically, but you can only end your move on an animal of the same type or color as the animal on which you started your move.

Bob has programmed a Java version of this maze which you can try at his site,

After Bob finished the design, he decided that he could make it more challenging by adding diagonal moves and increasing the size. Check out his site for an interactive version of this harder maze.


Chris Mildebrandt said...

Blue fox->blue bear->pink bear->blue bear->blue monkey->brown monkey->brown fox->tan fox->brown fox->brown chipmunk->tan chipmunk->tan monkey->tan chipmunk->pink chipmunk->blue chipmunk

Yellow star->yellow plus->blue plus->blue star->red star->red D->red diamond->red clover->blue clover->red clover->red H->red clover->green clover->green D->green star->yellow star->yellow H->yellow plus->blue plus->blue star

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