Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have no desire to be a one stop resource for gaming reviews, news, and discussion. Other sites do that far better than I ever could. Of all the many blogs and sites, these five provide 90% of all the information or links I could ever want.
The 800-pound gorilla of conventional gaming. It’s a bottomless treasure trove of of information and conversation, with active forums and hot-and-cold running advice on tap. I’ve never posted there for a simple reason: I don’t like posting in forums. People who like to follow debates and get news and hints, however, could find no better place.

The Dice Tower
Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower podcasts and videos are the only ones I listen to or watch. I don’t know Tom Vasel, but he comes across as a very knowledge board gamer, and has an appealing presence in both his videos and podcasts. The Dice Tower videos are almost always a first stop when I need to explain a new game to people. His co-host is Eric Summerer, and together they put out a very professional podcast.

Boardgame News
New releases, dates, columns, and general data dumps are BGN’s specialty. If you need to keep up with the current release in the Eurogaming genre, this is the place to be.

Game Rankings
For computer and video games, there is no better front end than Game Rankings, which provides summary scores and review links for every platform and format.

Pagat Card Games
The largest collection of playing card game rules and variants in existence. Compiled, revised, and expanded over many years, it is a resource of amazing size, scope, and depth. With a deck of Bicycle 808s and this site, your gameplay needs could be met for life.


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