Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's This Blog About?

Okay, we’re in the home stretch of this long and slightly windy introduction, and now is a good time to remind you that I won’t usually go on at this length. My posts will probably be shorter and more to the point

1. If you’re wondering what this blog will cover, the answer is simple: games. ANY kind of games. I will not make distinctions among board, card, yard, computer, video, role-playing or casino games. If it interests me, and I have something to say, I will cover it.

2. These entries will be personal and casual. This not an exhaustive blog and I’m not attempting to issue The Final Word on a particular subject. If anyone has a different opinion on a game or a topic, my answer will almost always be “You might be right.” I’m not look for heavy debates or flame wars. I’ve been there and done it. I’m tired of it.

3. I will leave comments open for now, with the normal caveats about language, personal insults, and remaining on topic. This is not They do the forum, discussion, community-building job perfectly well, but some of the posting can get a little heated. When the topic is games, which are such a personal and frequently subjective topic, it seems a little silly to get all het up. Yes, I will make fun of games, and some of them might be your FAVORITE GAME EVER. If you like Risk, for instance, I’m very happy for you and wish you much joy in playing it. If you try to start a game of it in my home, however, I will kill you slowly and painfully.

4. I’m also not going to do wall-to-wall news coverage, track new releases, or leap on every bit of gossip. There are places that do that job amply well, and I’ll recommend them in a future post.

5. There will probably be less electronic entertainment coverage than some might expect, simply because I have multiple venues to voice those thoughts. As I’m preparing articles and issues, I may talk about what I’m doing, but I probably will not post a full review of [insert title of new PC/video game].

6. The sustainability of this blog is an open question. It depends upon traffic and time. I have no idea of what my posting level will be, but I doubt very much that it will be post after post all day long. I’m expecting to do a few a week for now, but we’ll see. If it takes off, I’ll do more.

And that’s about it for the preliminaries. I hope you enjoy what I have to say here, and that it helps increase the pleasure you find in play.


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