Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why My Job is Never Dull

The FedEx guy always brings me something fun; for instance, Arc Rise Fantasia, a new Japanese-style RPG game.  Not only did I get the Wii version of the game, but also this handy guide to help me duplicate the hairstyles of the game characters.

If anyone has ever seen a character from a Japanese game, then they'll understand that such a thing will remain impossible as long as the laws of gravity are in effect. Still, that didn't keep the publisher from rounding up staffers and giving it their best shot, with helpful tips like "Obtain gooey styling substance to run through hair and pinch chunks of hair together to achieve piece-y look" and "relentlessly check various drugstores until you can find the hair color 'flamingo pink'."

I have to give the PR team kudos for creativity: it beats another t-shirt.  I will now always remember Arc Rise Fantasia.


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