Thursday, August 5, 2010

Play in Public

The gaming site Seize Your Turn has kicked off a "Play in Public" campaign for the month of August. The goal is to get adult boardgame fans to set up and play in public places in order to inspire more people to learn abut the hobby. Taking your game session out to a Borders, Barnes & Noble, or other reasonably peaceful, relatively wind-free public place (eg: probably not a food court or park) isn't just a good way to tell people about Dominion or Finca. It's also a fine way to shake up a normal game night.

It's pretty easy to get local bookstores and coffee shops to sponsor open game nights, which has two benefits: 1) more people can learn about games, thus creating 2) more people to play with. So, as the nice man at the bar always tells me, "Take it outside."

Check out the website or the Facebook page for more information.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Carcassonne would be great for this. I'm totally doing this now, provided I can get other players to do it with me ^_^

accordeonaire said...

Not a board game, but when the chilluns were younger we'd always carry an Uno deck with us. At any restaurant, when waiting for the food, we'd play a few hands. That was great. I should do that again, even if they are older (but I won't be able to cheat).

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