Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Ideas: Electronic Gaming

Here are my recommendations for electronic gaming purchases for Hanukkah and Christmas this year.

UPDATE: Some browsers may not display the widget that's embedded above, so here's the list, in no particular order:

Epic Mickey, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Super Scribblenauts, StarCraft II, Civilization V, Halo: Reach, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, an iPod Touch 4th Gen, Microsoft Kinect,World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and the Halo Encyclopedia from DK Publishing. They can all be found at Amazon, or wherever better games are sold.

Direct link to list.


The B in ABCD said...

Did you intend for a link of some sort to appear in this post?...or are you simply stating that you have NO recommendations?

Thomas L. McDonald said...

Hmmm, an Amazon widget should be appearing below the text. No joy on your end?

The B in ABCD said...

It looks like IE shows it fine but I can't seem to get Firefox to display it at all. Technology is fun!

Thanks for the direct link.

Thomas L. McDonald said...

After many years, Firefox and I had a trial separation followed by a divorce. I'm now living happily with Google Chrome.

Firefox started crashing and glitching quite a lot over the summer. I'm not sure what caused Firefox's problems, but Chrome is quite good.

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