Friday, August 27, 2010

PUZZLE: Cheap Labor

Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald, and Gyro are each working on a single day this week guarding Uncle Scrooge's money bin.

Huey is working as many days before Louie as Dewey is after Gyro.

Donald is working two days before Gyro.

Louie is working on Wednesday.

When are the other four working?


Anonymous said...

Huey - Monday
Donald - Tuesday
Louie - Wednesday
Gyro - Thursday
Dewey - Saturday

Joshua Fahey said...

Stop reading when I over analyze this (or not, your choice).

I get Karen's answer if I assume that nobody works on Sunday. If I don't assume that (This IS Scrooge McDuck), I have two possibilities to choose from. So, since I assume this puzzle has one answer, we can conclude that no one works on Sunday. I will also assume that Friday, when none of the aforementioned characters are guarding the treasure Mr. McDuck himself is guarding the treasure.

Thomas L. McDonald said...

No, that's not over-thinking: I should have thought of that when I used the "guarding" theme. (I was originally going to use a "working" theme.)

The Beagle Boys never work on Sundays, so the money bin is safe then.

That's a good point about the extra day. I should have folded that into the description. Assume that Scrooge is filling in when the other 5 aren't there.

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