Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Bible: Soon to be an MMO game?

I thought someone was having fun with me when I first got this link, but now I think it's for real.

A German company called FiAA is planning to release The Bible: Chapter 1--The Heroes as a new massively multiplayer online game.

A story running on BusinessWire says that "players slip into the role of Abraham and his descendants and have the opportunity to reenact and witness the incidents of their times.

"As the leader of their tribe, players have to construct their villages, manage resources and the budget. They will have to decide between diplomacy and warfare. However, players do not stay in one place. They will go on a quest to go to the Promised Land. Leading Abram's tribe from Ur to Haran and finally to Canaan, players and their heroes will face many challenges before reaching their goal.

"The game also offers role playing elements. The birth right system introduces Abraham's successors Isaac and Jacob. Side quests allow users to experience less known stories of the Genesis."

The screenshot that's circulating have an Age of Empires feel to them.  The browser-based game is set to start rolling out in early September, with full English-language support promised by the end of the year.

Actually, The Bible and gaming seem like a natural fit. I'm just not sure how they're going to make it into an MMO.


accordeonaire said...

Pondering the "Victory Conditions" is pretty interesting. Maybe the first time in a while the exclamation "Epic!" is appropriate?

Thomas L. McDonald said...

Really. And how far will they go: NT, or just OT? Part of me still wonders if this may be a gag, but the Business Wire story looks for real.

(Check out the new top post, btw. A Francophile like you might appreciate it.)

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