Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Linkaround

I'll Believe It When I Play It: I thought Duke Nukem Forever was a description of the development cycle, but it may actually release 13 years after I first wrote about it. Does anyone care anymore?

But Will Totoro Be In It?: Studio Ghibli (the animation studio responsible for the films of Hayao Miyazaki, among others) is collaborating on a game.

Sorry We Failed: Stardock apologizes for the horrible launch of their game, Elemental.

Carmack Does iOS4...: John Carmack's demo of RAGE ... on an iPhone. (YouTube video.) Great googly moogly.

...And Epic Responds: A look at Epic Games' Citadel tech demo, which you can download from the App Store right now.

Speaking of iOS4: Version 4.1 should be out next week, complete with new game features.

Dealing Death: Space Hulk: Death Angel is turning the classic over-priced alien-shredding space-marine battle game into a co-op card game. At least it will be easier to find than Space Hulk 3rd Edition.

Small World Gets a Little More Crowded: Some new races are coming to Small World.

No Medal of Honor in Military Shops: EA's controversial shooter gets a PX ban.

Footballville: Madden NFL Superstars finally launches on Facebook. This social networking game allows you collect cards to form a team and then simulate seasons. Money for the best cards can be earned from playing and winning or, of course, by giving them a handy credit card number. Great, now I'll get messages asking me to join someone's team along with to farm and mafia requests.Kill me now.

Gamebusters: Will MythBusters do a videogame episode? Looks like it! (Go to the 1:44 minute mark.)

Best Game Evah?: Mario Bros. is the greatest game ever, according to some dudes.

Chess: This week in Chess.

Giveaways: Don't forget to let me know if you've followed us or shared a link, so I can enter your name in the drawing for the Bicycle card prizes.


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