Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Opening Video for Epic Mickey

I'm a big fan of classic Disney, so Warren Spector's Epic Mickey has been very high on my "must play" list ever since I heard about it. Now that I've seen the full opening cinematic and understand the story a little better, I'm even more excited.

In the game, Mickey has to save a world full of forgotten or rejected characters from throughout Disney's history. Both the Phantom Blot and his long-lost half-brother Oswald (yes: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!) are key characters.

I think this is may be one of the best games this year. Spector (the creator of System Shock and Deus Ex) was given a high degree of creative freedom by Disney, as well as access to their extensive archives. Spector has been mining that history to create a game environment right in Disney lore.

Since the entire gameplay is based around Mickey "painting" with his magic paintbrush, Epic Mickey will be  Wii exclusive.

Check out the opening movie on YouTube.

Gamespot also posted a lengthy interview/walkthrough with Spector from E3, and it contains a lot of gameplay footage.


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