Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Note on App Coverage

Since my readership has gone way up since I first started writing about Apps, I should probably reiterate what I'm doing with the App O' The Mornin'.

This is not an exhaustive app news or reviews site. I don't think anyone does that job better than TouchArcade, and I don't see any point in trying.

This also isn't coverage of the latest and greatest in the App Store. It's not the "App O' The Mornin'" because it's an app released today. It's an "App O' The Mornin'" because I wrote about it this morning.

The items I choose for coverage are simply the items I'm playing at any given time. Some are brand new, some are old. If it strikes me as something I'd like to write about, then I'll write about it. This isn't a review site disguised as a blog. It's just a blog: a kind of running commentary on the games intersecting with my life on any given day. Since games are how I've earned my living since 1990, as well as my hobby, they're a pretty prominent part of my daily routine.

I've been leaning a bit heavily on classic, abstract strategy, puzzler, and boardgame apps lately because those are games I play a lot, and I think they're a great fit on the Apple smartphone platform. I like them and I'm good at them. I haven't reviewed driving games because I don't like them and I'm not good at them. I also haven't spent much time on shooters and action games because, thus far, I still think those are games best left to computers and consoles, although Epic Citadel gives me hope.

The age of a game is utterly irrelevant. I don't like The Cult of the New. Anything you haven't played is a new game to you. What difference does it make if it's two years old? And sometimes even an old game you've already played can be made fresh again if you look at it a different way.

If you'd like to get caught up on my app coverage to date, or check to find some older review, the Apps tab at the top is the place to go. Thanks for your continued patronage. If you'd like to help support the site, the best way is to just use one of the links to access Amazon when you shop there.


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