Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PUZZLE: Race Results

Six people ran a race: Agatha, Bertie, Cyril, Daphne, Edwin, and Freddy. Can you tell what order they finished from the following clues?
  • Bertie was behind Florence.
  • Edwin was behind Cyril.
  • Agatha was ahead of Cyril.
  • Cyril was ahead of Daphne.
  • Agatha and Bertie were tied.
  • Edwin was behind Agatha, but ahead of Daphne.


Chris Mildebrandt said...

It's not solving a puzzle like this that takes the most time, it's trying to find if there is more than one solution to the puzzle. I only found one.


Thomas L. McDonald said...

Well, I only know of one, and you got it! (If there's more than one, then I probably did something wrong when writing it.)

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