Monday, November 8, 2010

Turns Out It Wasn't a Cold...

... it was the flu. If a cold on immunosuppressants is unfun, then the flu on immunosuppressants is double-super-plus unfun. I'm going to be going slow this week, so thanks for your patience. I managed to get an App review up this morning, but since my head is all floaty and woozy, I may well have said that Reckless Racing was the best aardvark gromit mowing fish of 1989.

So, hey, maybe this will be a fun week for readers after all! Watch the loopy writer try make sense on heavy medications.


Simon said...

Hello Thomas,

I really enjoy your blog every day. I hope you get well soon!!

Take care of yourself and get well soon!


Thomas L. McDonald said...

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Chapin said...

What he said, Buddy.

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