Sunday, December 12, 2010

PUZZLE: Words From a Word

Eleven words hide therein,
Where they are clearly seen.
Ten lurk within the span of scapegoat,
In firestone, thirteen.

The letters are in order:
No anagrams allowed;
And finish up with usher:
With four pronouns it's endowed.


Anonymous said...

THEREIN: there, in, the, her, here, ere, rein, herein, then, hen, therein

SCAPEGOAT: scapegoat, scape, goat, cape, cap, go, at, peg, scat, cat

FIRESTONE: firestone, fire, stone, fir, ire, fires, rest, fee, fist, first, fin, fit, fie

USHER: us, her, she, he

Thomas L. McDonald said...

Very good, but it can be done without letter skips. (Remember that "re" is an allowable word.)

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