Monday, February 14, 2011

GameWright Keeps the Fun Coming

Live From Toy Fair. GameWright is a favorite around Casa McD, and they have a few new items this year that look good.

Mermaid Beach seems like a fresh riff on Sleeping Queens (one of GameWright's best titles): you "spend" pairs of cards to buy shell cards of varying values. There's also a Go Fish element as you try to take cards from other players.

City Square Off has a bit of that ole Tetris/Blokus feel. Each players has a tray with a building in the center, a pile of different Tetris-like shapes, and a deck of cards. The cards tell you which shape to place, and the goal is to fill as much of your tray as possible.

I also looked at a game called Gubs, which has beautiful art and some interesting mechanics. I just didn't get a good feel for how it all played out.

(This post didn't actually transmit from Toy Fair. It got stuck in the mobile blogging software, and I just found it.)


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