Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HeroClix Surfaces in Middle Earth

My son and I have amassed a fairly sizable collection of Heroclix over the years, so I was saddened to see that Topps had killed the entire Wizkids operation, including Heroclix, in order to "align our gaming initiatives more closely with Topps current sports and entertainment offerings." 

I see this kind of corporate-speak all the time, and it always strikes me as the kind of short-sighted, unimaginative decision that gets made by accountants. Heroclix is a popular niche brand with a killer license. There are creative ways to make that work within any company. If you've grown to a point that your management is too lazy or stupid to find those creative ways, then you're running your company wrong.

Apparently, a merchandising company named NECA, located in my home state of New Jersey, bought the Heroclix assets and are attempting to breathe fresh life into them.  First step? Add Lord of the Rings to the lineup.

Late in 2011, the new WizKids will publish "a HeroClix miniatures game followed by a HeroClix strategic board game."

Here's the official line:
"The Lord of the Rings" HeroClix miniatures game will be sold in two different packages: a campaign style box set and the traditional booster format. The all-in-one campaign style box set will include everything a player needs, including NEW epic level rules and maps. The booster format includes the figures, similar to other previous HeroClix releases. With whichever format chosen, all of the twenty or more figures will be compatible with other HeroClix miniatures games.
The second release is a unique semi cooperative HeroClix board game, following in the similar format of our other HeroClix board game products. HeroClix figures, a gameboard and several decks of cards provide all the components needed to play this unique take on "The Lord of the Rings" story. The fun twist in the game is that players get to play as the Nazgul working with and against other Nazgul trying to capture the One Ring before it reaches Mount Doom.


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