Monday, April 4, 2011

Mo Rocca Does Gen-Con

With appearances by Scott Nicholson! Bob Carty! And more! It's actually a really good segment on Eurogaming, from Sunday Morning on CBS. (Let it preload or it may stop and start.)


Accordeonaire said...

Mo Rocca has such a great persona in his post-Comedy Central reporting. He's someone you "enjoy spending time with" as someone once said of Cronkite. I love the way he's genuinely shocked that the Professor names Monopoly as has "dislike."


Thomas L. McDonald said...

Mo: Is it ugly that I'm gloating?
Other Gamer: Yes, it's really not very attractive.

I'm pretty sure he's from Jersey.

And Monopoly is the most frequently "hated" game among modern gamers. I don't totally hate it, unlike Risk or Sorry, which I detest with the burning fire of a thousand suns.

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