Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Epic Gaming Con

Epic Gaming Con is a new gaming convention being held this year in Las Vegas (June 16 – 19 at the Paris Hotel and Casino) and Philadelphia (September 29 – October 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center). This is a free-to-attend gathering of board and trading card gamers.

The con is being organized by Cryptozoic Entertainment, which is currently working on a board game based  based upon the Lookout comic from Penny Arcade. It looks like the Cryptids have been inspired by the Penny Arcade gang to create an analog equivalent to the PAX gaming show, which is currently the biggest electronic gaming con in the country.

Is there room for another Gen-Con/Origins-style show on the roster? As long as they reach parts of the country that rarely get board/card-gaming cons, I'd say yes. I never get to either Gen Con or Origins because they're too far away. Since is Philly is just down the road from me, I may actually get to go.


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