Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eyeball Benders--Vacation Edition ANSWERS

Wow. I knew I made these hard, but I thought some Orlando visitors would have recognized some of them. No luck: no one figured out any of the answers, so here's each original Eyeball Bender with the larger picture from which it comes.

1. Hogwarts Castle: Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal)

2. St. George & the Dragon: Germany Pavilion, Epcot

3. The Lorax: Universal Islands of Adventure

4. Daisey Duck: Disney World

5. Beetle Bailey: Universal Islands of Adventure

6. Butterbeer Cart: Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal)

7. Magic Brooms: Disney Hollywood Studios


Chris Mildebrandt said...

Ah, I missed this last week. I would have gotten Beetle Bailey and the magic brooms, but not where they're physically located.

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