Friday, August 20, 2010

About Puzzles

I had fun preparing the puzzles for the past two weeks. A lot of them are classics, since even the master puzzlers didn't invent most of their own puzzles: they just reformulated them. Some I did from memory, and some were drawn from my collection of puzzle and math books. I only botched one answer, which my astute readers quickly caught.

This was never meant to be a regular daily feature, but I will continue to post puzzles, maybe a couple of times a week. As I said in a previous post, I'm about to disappear into the thickets of a massive special supplement for Games Magazine, but will continue to post an App O' The Mornin' and whatever else I can until I complete it sometime in the next two weeks.

I also plan to post something about the future of the site. It's about to be one month old, and I've been steadily populating it with posts. It will continue, and begin to take shape as I explore this whole blogging thing.

Thanks to the regular puzzle solvers, especially Eye of the Frog, who answered every one correctly, which puts him one-up on me. I think I posted today's "1105" puzzle just to see if I could stump him. I hope to heck I can get it right.


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