Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Puzzle: The Bookworm

If you've read many puzzle books, you've probably come across this one in some form. Everyone takes a stab at their own version sooner or later, so here's mine:

A 26-volume encyclopedia set is placed, in order, on a single shelf. Each volume is 2" thick. Each cover is 1/5" thick.

If a book worm starts on the first page of the first volume, how far will he have to travel to reach the last page of the last volume.


Eye of the Frog said...

A couple of assumptions to start:

- "paced, in order" should be "placed, in order"
- "in order" means from left to right starting with the first volume
- the books are standing upright with the front face towards the right
- these are standard books that are page-turned from right to left

24*2" + 50*0.2" = 48" + 10" = 58"

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